White Flowers 

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  • Lilies are a real favourite - so elegant and stylish, and they smell divine too. We've kept things simple here, adding just a little foliage to compliment the beautiful flowers, and a tall, slimline glass vase to display them in. Simple, chic, and a beautiful gift.

    Vase Included
  • This is a very elegant, contemporary hand-tied bouquet. Groups of crisp white flowers are beautifully framed by loops of steel grass. It's simple in colour, but intricate in design, and the lilies give a sweet scent to the bouquet.

  • For grace and sophistication without being overstated, choose this classic presentation bouquet. We’ve chosen a selection of beautiful fresh flowers in pristine cream and white. They look enchanting set against lush green foliage and are sure to create a big impact.

  • This fabulous gift really showcases the full beauty of these stunning Oriental lilies. Beautifully displayed in a slim, clear crackle glass vase to really emphasise the splendour of the flowers and play on the contrast of crisp, white petals set against rich green leaves. A contemporary, luxurious design and a beautiful way to enjoy lilies.

    Vase Included
  • The combination of pristine white flowers, expertly arranged with fresh greenery, is hard to beat for pure, elegant simplicity. Stunning lilies and luxurious roses make this bouquet look very special, and the tiny gypsophila flowers add to the overall effect.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
White Flowers

White Flowers Ellon

For a beautiful and elegant choice our Florists Ellon recommend white flowers for any occasion. We have white flowers to suit any recipient you have in mind that will suit you whatever your reason for ordering flowers here on the Flowers Ellon website. There are so many arrangements of white flowers that you will be spoilt for choice so if you have any queries about what is best to send you can contact our Florists Ellon for advice on the most appropriate thing. Your Flowers Ellon arrangements will always be beautifully prepared and well cared for when you order from us since we are passionate about providing the best quality flowers for every occasion. Your arrangements will always be created with the best flowers by our Florists Ellon as we have everything imported directly to us from Holland where the flowers are grown so that they will be as fresh as possible and ensure a longer life and greater beauty for your bouquets and arrangements.

Florists Ellon White Flowers

You know that with Flowers Ellon your flowers will be up to the highest standards since we take every measure to ensure that you are totally satisfied with what you decide to order, taking care of everything you might need. Our Flowers Ellon delivery service means that whatever you need can be taken directly to your recipient’s front door so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your order. Our Florists Ellon can have your flowers delivered 6 days a week so there’s always a convenient option for you. Wherever you and your recipients find yourselves you can count on our Ellon Florists to bring you the best since we can have your flowers delivered wherever you need them to go in over 140 countries over the world. We even offer same day delivery on your Flowers Ellon arrangements.