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We know that the safe delivery of your flower arrangement is just as important as the actual preparation that goes into making your bouquet which is why at Methlick Flowers we offer our customers several different delivery types. We have our standard weekly delivery every Monday to Saturday however we do sometimes make exceptions and deliver on Sundays, for example if a wedding or a funeral is being held on that day. Then we also have our next day delivery service as well as our same day delivery service. The same day delivery service is particularly handy for those who are perhaps more forgetful than others, who like to spontaneously show their affection to their loved ones or for an occasion that has sprung up out of the blue or any other reason. The same day delivery service here at Methlick Flowers allows you to place an order and have it delivered on the same day however please note that your order must be placed before 3PM of that day to allow our Methlick Florists enough time to arrange your flowers with the care and attention you deserve. Additionally, not only do we offer our customers different types of delivery services but we at Methlick Flowers are part of the Interflora delivery network. This means that, through Interflora, we are able to deliver not only locally but nationwide to all the far corners of the UK as well as abroad to over 140 different countries worldwide so no matter where it is you need your flowers delivered, we want you to be rest assured in the knowledge that your order will be delivered by our efficient delivery drivers in pristine condition to your desired location. With Methlick Flowers we want our customers to know that we take the utmost care in not only preparing bouquets but delivering all of our orders so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Flower Delivery at Methlick Flowers

The flowers we deliver here at Methlick Flowers are suitable for all sorts of occasions from weddings to anniversaries and birthday and any other thinkable event. We use only the best flowers for our bouquets here at Methlick Flowers which have been imported directly to us from our cultivators in Holland to ensure the best quality as well as a high longevity so your recipient will be able to enjoy their bouquet for many days to come. We use a diverse range of flowers varying in shape, size and colour for all of our bouquets so no matter what it is you’re looking for, you’re bound to find something to your tastes here with us at Methlick Flowers. Up on our Methlick Flowers website you can browse through our bouquets however if nothing catches your eye, don’t worry as we offer our customers the bespoke service. This handy service allows the customers of Methlick Flowers to design a completely unique arrangement which our Methlick Florists would be delighted to create for you. In addition to our stunning bouquets we also have on offer a range of gifts including a range of champagnes and wines; delicious chocolates; silky soft teddy bears as well as balloons or balloon bouquets. We at Methlick Flowers want your order with us to be as fuss-free which is why after your order has been placed, we will take care of everything on your behalf.